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Nov 17


Pixels - Music video

Oct 30


Filmed a promo for [Beatfactor] a wedding cover band.

Groovy song, Great people.

Full song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_p6UuyP4GU&feature=plcp

Sep 22

Music Video

Lisa Ella - Living My Life

The video is finally out Wooo!

Fun times were had shooting this 90’s inspired retro tune with The Comer collective, Feature Phonic Media, and of course Lisa Ella.

Jul 1


Episode 2: Comer TV

Behind the scenes of the music video

"Until Monday by Kid British"

Mar 1


Demo reel for my compositions

Sep 27


I made an intro sting for a podcast, this is a rough mix. I need to learn how to mix better.

As it’s a music based podcast I had the idea to progress chronologically through pop music styles in the space of 20 seconds. I planned to start with the 60’s followed by 70’s, 80’s etc and eventually lead up to modern day.

After much mangling of audio and not enough samples, it’s hard to really follow the theme. I think the structure is pretty cool though, I just need to bump up the quality of the mix before sending it off.

Aug 19


Remixin’ random stuff on youtube.

Original can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yECHX14Ckw

Aug 8

I’ve been busy with work recently, so I haven’t had much time to contribute to the blog.

Here’s something silly that I did.

Jul 17


After almost 3 months and a sneaky £25 customs charge, my Hugh Tracey kalimba has finally arrived!

The sound quality is kinda sucky but so is my playing, so meh.

Jul 16


Another rough mix for my friend, I can’t wait to hear the vocals.

Jul 14


I mixed a track for a friend today, it’s missing vocals and the drums need turning down a tad.

Jul 12


Today I was thinking about how in most popular music, the drums usually play the snare on the 2nd and 4th beat.

I was wondering if I could take the snare hits and use them more like a pulse or a metronome.

For a first attempt it’s all right, but I think I can do more with this idea.