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Jul 1

Video + Life Stuff

My cousin Lee invited me along to take a few casual videos at an exhibition in Manchester featuring some of the work done by photographer Matt Comer. It sounded like fun so I agreed.

A few days later, I had a thought:

"Why not actually make something of this?"

I owned a cheapie camera (JVC HM-445) but the opportunity for something bigger is just staring at me in the face. I contacted my friend Josh, who was (still is) much more experienced in video production than I was and had access to some nice equipment too. I asked him if he would like to come along and he said yes.

How simple was that!?

What would have been a couple of shots of an exhibition with a cobbled together interview and a cheapie (crappy) camera, has turned into a 2 camera promo video with great audio equipment.

I was pretty energized at the thought of putting an interview together. This wasn’t a college project or a funny video to show my mates. This was the real world and I’d just organised an interview with a professional photographer at a brand new exhibition hall 20/22NQ.

Everyone and everything there was great! The bar staff, the band, the event organisers, the models, the crowd, the food, the free booze. I was well looked after that night thanks to Lee and Matt.

I really appreciate the opportunity those guys gave me but more importantly, I’m glad I decided to take the chance and actually DO something instead of thinking about doing something.

It is so easy to just think about doing something creative, It’s easy to just┬ásay "oh I’ll start eating healthy and exercising tomorrow"


"When I get enough money together, hopefully things will get better".

No, things were going to start getting better right now.

I should note that at this point in time I was unemployed and had been for just over a year.

Matt was impressed with the video and has since invited Josh and myself to become more involved with the his new visual project Comer TV and also the Comer Collective itself.